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Ghost Squad

Following the tragic murder of a group of young girls, they are transformed into vengeful spirits, driven by a desire for retribution.

Ghost Squad

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106 minutes

About 'Ghost Squad'

In this hil­arious horror film by Noboru Iguchi (known for “Dead Sushi” and “Mutant Girls Squad”), a group of spirits approaches a young woman seeking her assist­ance in seeking revenge against their mur­derers. Rika (played by Anna Yanagi) pos­sesses the unique ability to see and interact with the deceased. Fol­lowing a breakup with her boy­friend, she encoun­ters three mis­chievous ghosts who wreak havoc on her behalf, giving her ex a taste of his own medi­cine. These super­nat­ural beings enlighten Rika about the con­nec­tion between indi­viduals tee­tering between life and death, like her­self, and their ability to per­ceive ghosts.

To her sur­prise, Rika dis­covers that these rest­less spirits can inex­plic­ably drain her life energy through kisses. Each ghost reveals that they were vic­tims of murder and yearn for justice. The first is Keiko (Sumire Ueno), a school­girl who tra­gic­ally lost her life before being able to present her father with a birthday gift. Then there’s Akari (Minori Mikado), an ador­able twin-tailed teen­ager who exudes puppy-like excite­ment. Lastly, Yoshie (Yuni Hong), whom Rika had pre­vi­ously believed to be a living friend but is now revealed as a ghost. As the story pro­gresses, they are joined by Naomi (Asaka Nakamura), a spir­itual guide and trainer, who helps pre­pare the team for their ulti­mate goal: con­fronting a gang of ruth­less crim­inals respons­ible for their tor­ment and untimely deaths in the town.

Together, this motley crew of ghosts and their wise mentor must band together, facing slap­stick chal­lenges and embra­cing their new­found abil­ities, to seek ven­geance against their mur­derers and find closure for their tor­tured souls.

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Ghost Squad
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