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Mutant Girls Squad

Rin, a typical high school student, navigates her daily life with a touch of awkwardness and endures the torment of her peers' bullying. However, everything changes on her 16th birthday when Rin receives an astonishing revelation: she discovers her paternal lineage reveals her to be a half-mutant.

Mutant Girls Squad

Details of 'Mutant Girls Squad'

89 minutes
1.85 : 1

About 'Mutant Girls Squad'

“Mutant Girls Squad” is a 2010 Japanese film that falls into the genre of splatter horror. The film was dir­ected by Noboru Iguchi, Yoshi­hiro Nishimura and Tak Sak­aguchi and tells the story of a young girl named Rin who dis­covers that she has a genetic muta­tion that gives her super­human powers.

The film is char­ac­ter­ised by its wild and some­times absurd ideas, which are typ­ical of the Japanese splatter genre. One of the film’s mad ideas is the concept of mutant girls who are being hunted by a secret gov­ern­ment organ­isa­tion. These girls have various muta­tions that make them powerful fighters, including tentacle arms, blade legs and other grot­esque append­ages. Some of these muta­tions are absurd and bizarre, but they serve to make spec­tac­ular and bloody fight scenes pos­sible.

Another crazy concept in the film is the por­trayal of the ant­ag­on­ists, the Human Puri­fic­a­tion Squad. This organ­isa­tion is made up of people who see them­selves as purity fan­atics and want to exterm­inate mutants. Their methods are extremely brutal and ruth­less. They follow an ideo­logy that is heavily influ­enced by hatred and pre­ju­dice and focuses on the exterm­in­a­tion of the mutant pop­u­la­tion.

The plot of the film fol­lows Rin, who is drawn into the con­flict between the Mutant Girls and the Human Puri­fic­a­tion Squad after dis­cov­ering her muta­tion. Rin must learn to con­trol her powers and team up with the other mutant girls to fight her enemies. The film is a mix­ture of bloody fight scenes, grot­esque muta­tions and a dark, dysto­pian atmo­sphere.

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Nose bullets! Fire!

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Mutant Girls Squad
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