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During their pursuit of perfect breast augmentation techniques, a team of doctors inadvertently undergoes a drastic transformation, becoming malevolent mutant creatures plagued by an insatiable craving for boobs.


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The film “Zom­boobies” is a whim­sical horror comedy that takes place in an altern­ative world where zombie apo­ca­lypses are the order of the day. The film stands out for its crazy ideas and offers a mix­ture of zom­bies, absurd humour and lightly dressed women.

The plot revolves around a group of sur­vivors who hole up in a run-down strip club called “Zom­boobies” to pro­tect them­selves from the roaming zom­bies. But instead of focusing on escaping or fighting the undead, the film­makers come up with a variety of abstruse ideas to intrigue and amuse the audi­ence in equal measure.

One of the film’s mad ideas is that the zom­bies are not just normal undead, but also have a pen­chant for strip­pers. They are attracted to the flashing lights and loud music of the strip club and gather out­side the entrance while the prot­ag­on­ists inside des­per­ately try to use their naked charms to dis­tract and defeat the zom­bies.

Another crazy idea of the film is the fact that the women in the strip club develop spe­cial abil­ities to fight the zom­bies. Through their sexy dances and seductive move­ments, they create a kind of energy that puts the undead into a kind of trance and tem­por­arily inca­pa­cit­ates them. This leads to absurd and com­ical scenes in which the half-naked women dis­tract and attack the zom­bies with their dan­cing skills.

In addi­tion, the film also plays with ste­reo­types and clichés asso­ci­ated with strip clubs and horror films. For example, there is the bum­bling but hand­some hero who tries to save the group while dis­cov­ering his love for one of the strip­pers. There is also the nasty club owner who exploits his female employees and ulti­mately falls victim to the zom­bies him­self.

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