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An exciting weekend takes a twisted turn of chaos and terror when a group of thrill-seekers venture into a swamp teeming with mischievous beavers.


Details of 'Zombeavers'

United States
87 minutes
1.85 : 1

About 'Zombeavers'

“Zombeavers” is a 2014 horror comedy film dir­ected by Jordan Rubin. The film tells the story of a group of friends who want to spend a weekend in a remote cabin by a lake. But their get­away quickly turns into a night­mare when they are attacked by a horde of zombie-like beavers.

The appeal of “Zombeavers” lies above all in its absurd and crazy ideas. The film does not take itself too ser­i­ously and presents a bizarre mix­ture of zombie horror and biting humour. One of the crazy ideas is the fact that the beavers have been mutated by a chem­ical sub­stance and have now become bloodthirsty mon­sters. The por­trayal of these mutated beavers is both ridicu­lous and fright­ening, as they appear both cute and dan­gerous.

Another ele­ment of the film is the numerous clichés and ste­reo­types that are delib­er­ately exag­ger­ated. The char­ac­ters are typ­ical teen­agers who find them­selves in a secluded envir­on­ment and have to fight for sur­vival with the increas­ingly threat­ening beavers. There is the dare­devil, the naive blonde, the shy out­sider and the cun­ning leader. These ste­reo­types are taken to extremes in “Zombeavers” and make for many amusing moments.

The film also plays with the genre of animal horror films, in which animals become deadly enemies. In this case, it is the biting beavers that attack their vic­tims and hunt them down in bloody fights. The sta­ging of the beaver attacks is absurd and often con­tains ele­ments of black humour. Some scenes may seem exag­ger­ated and silly, but that is exactly part of the charm of “Zombeavers”.

Random movie quote of 'Zombeavers'

Buck: I've never seen a real beaver before up close.
Zoe: Well, maybe you should try going down on me once in a while, Buck.

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