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Lou, an alcoholic cop, has a recurring problem of blacking out and finding himself in unfamiliar places. However, his recent experiences have taken an unusual and hairy turn. "WolfCop" follows the journey of this cop as he strives to improve himself, one transformation at a time.


Details of 'WolfCop'

79 minutes
1.85 : 1

About 'WolfCop'

“WolfCop” is a 2014 Cana­dian horror comedy film dir­ected by Lowell Dean. The film fol­lows the prot­ag­onist Lou Garou, a lazy and dis­il­lu­sioned police officer who works in a small town called Wood­haven. Lou’s life takes an unex­pected turn when he is attacked by a were­wolf during a full moon night and turns into a bloodthirsty were­wolf.

“WolfCop” stands out for its absurd and crazy ideas that make the film a unique blend of horror and comedy. One of the film’s crazy ideas is the fact that Lou, after becoming a were­wolf, con­tinues to per­form his duties as a police officer. He uses his super­nat­ural abil­ities to fight crime in Wood­haven in his own brutal way. In the pro­cess, he leaves a bloody trail and turns into a wolf every time the moon is full.

Another crazy idea of the film is the intro­duc­tion of the char­acter Willie Hig­gins, who is an alco­holic and home­less man. Willie becomes Lou’s partner and assists him in his wolf-like crime-fighting activ­ities. Together they form a quirky and uncon­ven­tional duo who deal with all sorts of bizarre situ­ations.

The film also fea­tures a number of absurd and over-the-top violent scenes. Lou’s trans­form­a­tion into a were­wolf is accom­panied by an incred­ible phys­ical change in which his body size increases, his claws and teeth grow and he develops immense strength. These trans­form­a­tion scenes are bloody and brutal in nature, often accom­panied by a mix­ture of dis­gust and laughter.

“WolfCop” does not take itself too ser­i­ously and delib­er­ately plays with the clichés and ste­reo­types of the horror genre. The film par­odies the usual were­wolf clichés and at the same time offers an enter­taining and bloody story. Through the mix of absurd ideas, bloody scenes of viol­ence and dry humour, “WolfCop” man­ages to take its audi­ence on a bizarre and enter­taining journey.

Random movie quote of 'WolfCop'

Piggie: The fuck are you?
WolfCop: The fuzz.

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