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Werewolf Women of the S.S.

Rob Zombie's fabricated trailer within the "Grindhouse" production serves as a satirical homage to the Nazisploitation films prevalent in the 1970s.

Werewolf Women of the S.S.

Details of 'Werewolf Women of the S.S.'

United States
5 minutes

About 'Werewolf Women of the S.S.'

“Were­wolf Women of the S.S.” is a fic­tional grind­house film that was never actu­ally pro­duced but was intro­duced as part of the trailer in Quentin Tarant­ino’s film “Death Proof”. The trailer pays homage to the exploit­a­tion films of the 1970s and is set in an alternate his­tory during World War II.

The film’s storyline revolves around a group of were­wolf women who are held cap­tive by the sad­istic Nazi sci­entist Dr Hein­rich von Strasser. Dr von Strasser plans to use the were­wolf women as a weapon to turn the war in his favour. The women are tor­tured and treated with a secret serum that enhances their were­wolf powers. How­ever, under the lead­er­ship of Frau Helga, a feared were­wolf leader, the women plot their escape and revenge.

The film con­tains many absurd and lun­atic ideas typ­ical of the grind­house style. Some of the cra­ziest scenes include:

  1. A fight sequence in which Frau Helga shoots at Nazi troops with a machine gun while sim­ul­tan­eously trans­formed into a were­wolf.
  2. A sad­istic Nazi dentist who pulls out the pris­oners’ teeth and replaces them with sharp wolf teeth.
  3. A bizarre exper­i­ment in which a were­wolf woman is hooked up to an elec­tric machine to enhance her powers.
  4. A bloody scene in which the were­wolf women turn on their tor­mentors and mer­ci­lessly maul them.

The film delib­er­ately uses exag­ger­ated viol­ence, dark humour and sexual innu­endo to parody and exag­gerate the grind­house style. Although “Were­wolf Women of the S.S.” was never real­ised as a full film, the trailer has achieved cult status and is an enter­taining insight into an altern­ative film world full of absurdities for fans of the exploit­a­tion genre.

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