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Christmas trees uprooted from their woodland home seek vengeance upon those reveling in the holiday festivities.


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16 minutes

About 'Treevenge'

“Treevenge” is an absurdist short film from 2008 written and dir­ected by Jason Eisener. The film is about the vengeful trees that fight back against the cruelty of humans. In only about 16 minutes of run­ning time, “Treevenge” man­ages to take the audi­ence on a crazy and bloody journey.

The film begins with idyllic scenes of a Christmas tree farm where unsus­pecting trees stand peace­fully in rows. But sud­denly the story takes a dark turn when the trees realise that they are cut down every year at Christmas and brought into homes as dec­or­a­tions. From now on, the trees decide to rise up against their tor­mentors and take revenge.

“Treevenge” delib­er­ately plays with the absurdity and irony of the situ­ation. The idea of trees coming alive and taking revenge on humans may seem absurd at first glance, but the film fully embraces the premise. It shows how the trees, armed with axes and saws, attack the humans and engage in bloody battles.

One of the mad ideas of the film is the por­trayal of the trees as men­acing and human-like beings. The trees have faces that are full of anger and hatred, and they move in an uncanny way. This sur­real depic­tion adds to the absurdity of the story and cre­ates an eerie atmo­sphere.

Another absurd idea is the reversal of the tra­di­tional hier­archy. In “Treevenge”, it is the trees that ter­rorise the humans and con­sider them prey. The humans become vic­tims who have to fight for their lives. This role reversal turns the rela­tion­ship between humans and nature on its head and chal­lenges the viewer to ques­tion their per­spective.

“Treevenge is not a film for the faint-hearted. It is bloody, brutal and shocking. How­ever, the viol­ence is staged with an exag­ger­ated present­a­tion that is meant to make the viewer see the action more as black humour.

You can watch the full short movie “Treevenge” for free on the offi­cial You­Tube channel from Jason Eisener.

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Stop yelling! You are scaring the saplings!

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