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There’s Something In the Barn

A family inherits a cottage in Norway and discovers sinister secrets in the barn. Discover what lurks in the dark.

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100 minutes
2.35 : 1

About 'There’s Something In the Barn'

“There’s Some­thing In the Barn” (2023) is a Nor­we­gian comedy horror film. The story fol­lows an Amer­ican family, con­sisting of Bill (Martin Starr) and Carol (Amrita Acharia) and their chil­dren Lucas (Townes Bunner) and Nora (Zoe Win­ther-Hansen), who realize their dream of returning home after inher­iting a remote estate in the moun­tains of Norway. When they arrive in Norway, how­ever, they dis­cover that a grumpy elf lives in the barn of their new home. As the family tries to settle into their new Scand­inavian life and cope with the chal­lenges and cul­tural dif­fer­ences, mis­un­der­stand­ings and ignor­ance of the warn­ings of their son Lucas, who dis­covers that the elf needs to be appeased, lead to a bloody battle after a wild Christmas party in the barn incites the elf’s fury.

The film inter­weaves humorous and absurd ele­ments with tra­di­tional horror aspects, par­tic­u­larly cap­tiv­ating in its depic­tion of the con­flict between humans and myth­o­lo­gical creatures. One of the most striking aspects of the film is the intro­duc­tion of the mur­derous elves, who, sim­ilar to other Christmas horror films, turn the tra­di­tional image of Santa’s cute helpers on its head. The movie man­ages to com­bine dark and brutal scenes with slap­stick comedy, using witty one-liners to make it a festive treat.

Des­pite its horror, the movie main­tains a Christ­massy atmo­sphere throughout, with an abund­ance of fairy lights, snow­flakes and a soundtrack full of festive music. The movie is a mix of “Grem­lins” and “Krampus”, com­bining dark and brutal scenes with slap­stick comedy.

“There’s Some­thing In the Barn” may not be enough to be at the top of the Christmas horror genre, but it offers an enter­taining exper­i­ence that adds a touch of absurdity and Nor­we­gian folk­lore to the hol­iday spirit.

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