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The Virgin Psychics

A cosmic blast grants a virgin teenager psychic powers, leading them to join other ESP virgins to protect the world from evil psychics.

The Virgin Psychics

Details of 'The Virgin Psychics'

116 minutes

About 'The Virgin Psychics'

“The Virgin Psychics is a 2015 Japanese film dir­ected by Sion Sono. The plot revolves around a group of young men who sud­denly have telekin­etic abil­ities. The film com­bines comedy, fantasy and romance and takes a humorous and exag­ger­ated approach to the sub­ject of super­nat­ural powers.

The story begins with Yoshiro, a shy and unas­suming man who lives with his friends in a small vil­lage. One day they dis­cover that they have telekin­etic abil­ities, but only when they are aroused. These abil­ities are called “virgin senses”, sug­gesting that they only occur in inex­per­i­enced men. The boys use their new powers to play pranks, commit petty crimes and act out their sexual fantasies.

As the film pro­gresses, the boys encounter other women with sim­ilar powers, including a group of girls known as “Virgin Marys”. As Yoshiro tries to gain the atten­tion of the pretty Aoi, a rivalry develops between the boys and a group of mis­chievous men who also have telekin­etic abil­ities.

“The Virgin Psychics” stands out for its crazy ideas and most absurd scenes. For example, there is a scene in which the boys take on a race with a dino­saur and stop it with their telekin­etic powers. Another scene shows one of the boys manip­u­lating gravity and lev­it­ating the entire vil­lage into the air. The char­ac­ters also have absurd and bizarre powers, such as the ability to shoot pud­ding out of their hands or cry uncon­trol­lably, cre­ating a rainbow-col­oured liquid.

Des­pite the crazy and over-the-top plot, “The Virgin Psychics” also has a romantic com­ponent, with Yoshiro trying to win the heart of Aoi while pro­tecting his friends from the malevolent men. The film also explores themes such as sexu­ality, iden­tity and dealing with unusual abil­ities.

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The Virgin Psychics
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