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The VelociPastor

After his parents die, a priest gains the power to turn into a dinosaur in China. With a prostitute's encouragement, he fights crime, even against ninjas.

The VelociPastor

Details of 'The VelociPastor'

United States
75 minutes
1.78 : 1

About 'The VelociPastor'

“The Velo­ciPastor” is a quirky low-budget film from 2018 that offers an absurd mix of reli­gion, dino­saurs and mar­tial arts. The story revolves around Pastor Doug Jones who, after the death of his par­ents, acquires a mys­ter­ious ability during a mis­sionary trip to China: he trans­forms into a dino­saur, more spe­cific­ally, a velo­ciraptor.

When Doug learns of his new gift, he decides to use it for good and fight crime as a noc­turnal vigil­ante. He is accom­panied by the pros­ti­tute Carol, who becomes his faithful com­panion. Soon Doug finds him­self in con­flict with an evil ninja clan that man­u­fac­tures and dis­trib­utes heroin. In a series of bloody and chaotic con­front­a­tions, Doug uses his dino­saur skills to take out the bad guys.

The film is not­able for its com­pletely absurd ideas and over-the-top scenes. From poorly cho­reo­graphed fight scenes to unin­ten­tion­ally hil­arious dia­logue, the film offers a com­bin­a­tion of out­rageous trash and sur­real humour. The awk­ward real­isa­tion of Doug’s dino­saur trans­form­a­tion, where he lit­er­ally slips into a rubber suit, provides some of the most amusing moments.

Des­pite its obvious flaws, “The Velo­ciPastor” has developed a cer­tain cult appeal, espe­cially for fans of B‑movies and quirky humour. The film delib­er­ately plays with its trash status and offers viewers looking for an absurdly enter­taining film a unique exper­i­ence.

Random movie quote of 'The VelociPastor'

Carol: I don't know much about God.
Doug Jones: I don't know much about dinosaurs.

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The VelociPastor
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