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The Sand

After an all-night graduation beach party, a group of hungover twenty-somethings wake up to a scorching sun and a carnivorous beach that devours anything that touches its sand.

The Sand

Details of 'The Sand'

United States
84 minutes
2.35 : 1

About 'The Sand'

“The Sand is a 2015 horror film dir­ected by Isaac Gabaeff. The plot revolves around a group of teen­agers who plan to spend a day at the beach, but their outing takes a ter­ri­fying turn when they encounter a mys­ter­ious phe­nomenon.

The story begins with a group of friends gath­ering on a secluded beach to enjoy a day in the sun. Everything seems per­fect at first, until they wake up the next morning to find that the beach is haunted by an eerie phe­nomenon. Instead of normal sand, the entire beach has turned into a dan­gerous, mur­derous sub­stance.

The teen­agers become trapped by this living sand, which poses a deadly threat. Any con­tact with it causes the vic­tims to be instantly devoured. As they des­per­ately try to find a way out, they are gripped by the increasing panic and have to deal with the most absurd and sur­real chal­lenges.

The dir­ector has shown some cre­ativity with “The Sand” by trans­forming the everyday beach envir­on­ment into a dan­gerous place. Des­pite the rather weak acting per­form­ances and the occa­sional logical incon­sist­en­cies, the film offers a mix­ture of sus­pense, humour and absurd moments.

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The Sand
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