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The Machine Girl

In a tragic turn of events, the life of a young Japanese schoolgirl is shattered when her family falls victim to a notorious Ninja-Yakuza clan. Devastated and marked by the loss, she undergoes a harrowing ordeal that leads to the amputation of her hand. Determined to reclaim her life and seek justice, she embarks on a path of vengeance, augmenting her body with a series of cutting-edge mechanical devices designed for deadly combat.

The Machine Girl

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96 minutes

About 'The Machine Girl'

“The Machine Girl” is a 2008 Japanese action film known for its exag­ger­ated viol­ence, absurd ideas and excessive use of splatter effects. The film tells the story of a Japanese girl named Ami who takes revenge on a group of crim­inals who bru­tally murdered her brother.

One of the most striking and madcap ideas in the film is undoubtedly the tit­ular “Machine Girl”. After Ami’s arm is severed by the crim­inals, it is replaced by a pros­thetic machine arm fitted with weapons. This mech­an­ical arm enables her to use a variety of deadly weapons such as blades, chain­saws and even a machine gun. Through this absurd and over-the-top aug­ment­a­tion, Ami becomes an unstop­pable fighter who takes bloody revenge on her enemies.

Another ele­ment of the film that falls into the cat­egory of crazy ideas are the char­ac­ters them­selves. From a gang of school­girls armed with sushi knives to a yakuza boss with a rotating drill chain as a weapon, the por­trayal of the char­ac­ters in “The Machine Girl” is over­drawn and com­pletely exag­ger­ated. The viol­ence is not cen­sored and there are numerous bloody and brutal scenes that are meant to shock the viewer and make him laugh at the same time.

In addi­tion, the film plays with absurd and grot­esque situ­ations that go beyond the limits of good taste. For example, there is a scene in which Ami and another char­acter pre­pare soup together from the remains of a crim­inal and then con­sume it. Such scenes serve to set the film in a kind of black-humoured comic world where viol­ence and absurdity merge.

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The Machine Girl
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