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The Killing Tree

A scorned widow resurrects her executed husband with a spell, but he returns as an Evil Christmas Tree seeking revenge, leaving a trail of bodies.

The Killing Tree

Details of 'The Killing Tree'

United Kingdom
73 minutes

About 'The Killing Tree'

The movie ‘The Killing Tree’ is an unusual horror film that takes place during the Christmas season. The movie tells the story of Magna, a widow who wants to bring her executed hus­band Clayton back to life with a spell. How­ever, the spell goes wrong and Clayton is brought back as an evil Christmas tree who wants revenge on the one who caused his exe­cu­tion.

What sets ‘The Killing Tree’ apart from other horror films are the absurd ideas incor­por­ated into the plot. The film­makers have obvi­ously gone out of their way to sur­prise the audi­ence with shocking and unex­pected scenes. Here are some of the lun­atic ideas that fea­ture in the film:

  1. Living christmas lights: The Christmas tree sud­denly develops living lights that fly inde­pend­ently through the house and attack the res­id­ents. These lights are not only dec­or­ative but also extremely dan­gerous and devious.
  2. Pine needles as weapons: The needles of the Christmas tree turn into sharp, pointed pro­jectiles that can be fired with deadly pre­ci­sion. The prot­ag­on­ists must be wary of the deadly needles’ attacks as they try to battle the tree.
  3. Star dec­or­a­tion as a cre­ative weapon: In one scene, the tree uses the star dec­or­a­tion as a ninja star to kill a fleeing woman.

The ‘The Killing Tree’ is undoubtedly a film that takes its audi­ence on an intense and shocking journey. With its com­bin­a­tion of unusual ideas and a dark Christmas atmo­sphere, it is an inter­esting choice for both horror film fans and those looking for an unusual Christmas story.

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