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The ABCs of Death

A mesmerizing collection of 26 chapters that illuminates the enigmatic facets of death, capturing both its awe-inspiring allure and raw, captivating elegance.

The ABCs of Death

Details of 'The ABCs of Death'

United States
129 minutes
1.78 : 1

About 'The ABCs of Death'

“The ABCs of Death” is a unique horror film pro­ject put together by 26 dir­ectors from around the world. Each dir­ector was given a letter of the alphabet and the freedom to tell a short story about death that begins with that letter. The result is a col­lec­tion of 26 short films that are morbid, absurd, dis­turbing and some­times humorous in a variety of ways.

The film is known for its cre­ative range of ideas, from the bizarre to the shocking. Some of the mad ideas presented in “The ABCs of Death” are:

“A is for Apo­ca­lypse”: a short film that tells the story of a young girl living in a post-apo­ca­lyptic scen­ario who is abused by her violent father. Here death is por­trayed in a tragic and oppressive way.

“L is for Libido”: A humorous short film about a man who has an unusual sexual pref­er­ence for car acci­dents. This bizarre idea mixes absurd humour with morbid fas­cin­a­tion.

“P is for Pres­sure”: This short film plays with the theme of pres­sure and shows a man trapped in a hope­less situ­ation and suf­fering from immense phys­ical and emo­tional stress. This depic­tion of death is marked by sombre intensity.

“T is for Toilet”: An anim­ated short film that addresses the fear of going to the toilet. Here death is depicted as an eerie pres­ence in a toilet, which is fright­ening in a grot­esque and unex­pected way.

These examples illus­trate the diversity of ideas and the con­tro­ver­sial nature of the film. The dir­ectors have exper­i­mented with their cre­ative freedom and tried to sur­prise the audi­ence with shocking images and uncon­ven­tional storytelling. In the pro­cess, social taboos and fears are also addressed.

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