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During Thanksgiving break, a murderous turkey gruesomely eliminates college students.


Details of 'ThanksKilling'

United States
70 minutes
1.85 : 1

About 'ThanksKilling'

“Thank­sKilling” is a 2008 horror comedy film dir­ected by Jordan Downey. The plot of the film revolves around a mur­derous turkey doll named “Turkie” who comes to life on Thanks­giving to ter­rorise a group of col­lege stu­dents.

The film begins with a Native Amer­ican of the past receiving a cursed feather from his father. This feather has the power to bring animals to life and pos­sess them. Years later, as Thanks­giving approaches, the vicious turkey “Turkie” awakens through the power of this feather. Turkie is no ordinary turkey – he talks, thinks like a killer and has a pen­chant for puns and black humour.

Turkie sets out to hunt down a group of five col­lege stu­dents who have gone on a hol­iday break to a remote cabin. The char­ac­ters are typ­ical ste­reo­types of the horror genre: the inno­cent, naive girl, the dare­devil, the promis­cuous beauty, the nerdy misfit and the foot­ball player. Turkie makes no dis­tinc­tion and kills them one by one in cre­ative and absurd ways.

The plot of the film is full of crazy ideas and absurd scenes. Some of the most not­able moments are:

  1. Turkie decap­it­ates a man and uses his severed head to dis­guise him­self as his father.
  2. Turkie has sex with a woman and kills her at the same time by choking her neck with a sausage.
  3. Turkie kills a man by sucking his ass with a hoover.
  4. There is a flash­back in time when Turkie is fighting a cowboy in the Wild West.
  5. Turkie beats a human with a base­ball bat while shouting “Gobble, gobble, mother­fucker!”.

These absurd and often taste­less scenes make “Thank­sKilling” a cult classic for fans of the B‑movie horror genre. The film is a tribute to the quirky enter­tain­ment often asso­ci­ated with films of this kind and does not take itself too ser­i­ously.

Also abso­lutely worth seeing is the sequel “Thank­sKilling 3″. Yes part 3, but see for your­self.

Random movie quote of 'ThanksKilling'

Darren: Looks like I got something you don't, Turkey!

The Killer Turkey: What's that Darren... a vagina?

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