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As the people around her suffer dreadful fates, a young girl's life tumbles into a vortex of chaos, leaving her increasingly uncertain of her identity and the once-familiar world she knew.


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85 minutes

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“TAG” is a 2015 Japanese film dir­ected by Sion Sono. The film tells the story of a group of stu­dents who are trapped in a seem­ingly end­less game where they have to tag each other in order to sur­vive. The plot takes a bizarre turn as the game becomes increas­ingly violent and the lines between reality and fantasy blur.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the film is the crazy ideas presented. Sion Sono is known for his uncon­ven­tional and pro­voc­ative films, and “TAG” is no excep­tion. Here are some of the crazy ideas that make the film stand out:

The Game of Death: Stu­dents are forced to tag each other and who­ever is not tagged within a cer­tain time dies. This leads to con­stant fear and para­noia in the group as each tries to outwit the other and sur­vive.

Super­nat­ural powers: As the film pro­gresses, it is revealed that some of the stu­dents have super­nat­ural abil­ities. Some can tele­port, others can trans­form into animals. These ele­ments add an extra layer of the unbe­liev­able and rein­force the sur­real char­acter of the film.

An apo­ca­lyptic vision: In the course of the film, a dysto­pian world is revealed in which the rules of the game are extended to society as a whole. People are con­trolled by an invis­ible force and forced to tag each other in order to sur­vive. This absurd and bleak vision offers a socially crit­ical com­mentary and provides a dis­turbing atmo­sphere.

Explicit depic­tions of viol­ence: “TAG” is an extremely violent film in which the stu­dents exper­i­ence extreme bru­tality. The scenes of viol­ence are explicit and shocking, making the film a dis­turbing exper­i­ence. Sion Sono is not afraid to push the bound­aries of taste and depic­tion of viol­ence to create an intense impact.

“TAG” is a film that is cer­tainly not for everyone with its insane ideas and shocking scenes. Sion Sono shows his cre­ative and artistic vision here and chal­lenges the con­ven­tions of film. The film offers a unique blend of horror, fantasy and social cri­ti­cism and is def­in­itely not for the faint-hearted.

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