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As he awakens, the man finds himself in a vacant, pristine room enveloped in pure white. Scant furnishings grace the space, save for a collection of enigmatic buttons scattered about. In order to attain his desires, he must discern the precise buttons to engage.


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93 minutes
1.78 : 1

About 'Symbol'

“Symbol” is a 2009 Japanese film written and dir­ected by Hitoshi Mat­sumoto. The film tells the story of a name­less man who is trapped in a sur­real world and has to deal with the absurd and insane ideas of the plot.

The plot of the film revolves around two inde­pendent storylines that even­tu­ally come together in an aston­ishing finale. The first storyline fol­lows a name­less man who mys­ter­i­ously wakes up in an empty, round room covered with strange, phallus-like sym­bols. He des­per­ately tries to escape from this room, but every attempt seems futile. The man is con­fronted with various absurd situ­ations in which sym­bolism plays a major role. For example, hun­dreds of naked but­tocks sud­denly appear, hanging down from the ceiling and slap­ping him in the face.

The second storyline revolves around a Mex­ican pro­fes­sional wrestler called Escargot Man who lives in a crazy wrest­ling world. Escargot Man is accom­panied by his man­ager and his assistant, who help him pre­pare for the fights.

The film presents a variety of mad ideas and sur­real situ­ations that tran­scend the bound­aries of reality. From absurdly funny scenes like a fish that serves as a tele­phone to bizarre char­ac­ters like a group of priests who dress up as a base­ball team, “Symbol” sur­prises the audi­ence again and again with its cre­ative mad­ness. Mat­sumoto clev­erly com­bines these seem­ingly dis­jointed ele­ments into a fas­cin­ating and bizar­rely funny nar­rative.

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