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Survive Style 5+

Five interwoven stories: Murder, immortality, hypnosis and absurdities collide. "Survive Style 5+" - surreal, blackly humorous, unforgettable.

Survive Style 5+

Details of 'Survive Style 5+'

120 minutes
1.85 : 1

About 'Survive Style 5+'

“Sur­vive Style 5+” is a 2004 Japanese film dir­ected by Gen Sekiguchi. The plot revolves around five dif­ferent inter­con­nected stories that offer a mix­ture of black comedy, fantasy and absurd reality.

The story begins with a busi­nessman named Amano who keeps killing his wife only to bring her back to life. He is assisted in this by an eccentric hyp­notist who has his own agenda. In another plot, a killer and his mys­ter­ious partner try to murder a hip-hop dancer, but he turns out to be immortal, leading to a series of bizarre and sur­real con­front­a­tions.

Another plot­line revolves around a house­wife who is tricked into becoming a model by a hyp­not­ised man. She under­goes a rad­ical trans­form­a­tion and develops a strange rela­tion­ship with a man who believes he is a bird. In par­allel, an advert­ising dir­ector is drawn into a sur­real world where a green goblin teaches him how to dis­cover the true art of living.

The film’s most absurd scenes include the wife’s repeated killings and rean­im­a­tions by her hus­band, leading to bizarre situ­ations and ironic twists. The film’s uncon­ven­tional approach to viol­ence and death, com­bined with a dose of black humour, gives it a unique and often dis­turbing atmo­sphere. Equally note­worthy is the por­trayal of the immortal dancer, who is seem­ingly invul­ner­able and sur­vives in absurd situ­ations.

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