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A janitor gets trapped in a women's restroom and faces a relentless zombie attack.


Details of 'Stalled'

United Kingdom
84 minutes
1.85 : 1

About 'Stalled'

“Stalled” is a horror-comedy that largely takes place in the con­fines of a ladies’ room. The film tells the story of W.C., a cleaning man trapped in a zom­biefied envir­on­ment in the toilet cubicle during a com­pany Christmas party.

The action picks up when people start turning into bloodthirsty zom­bies out­side in the hallway. W.C. des­per­ately tries to find a way out as he is con­fronted with the absurd and some­times dis­gusting real­ities of the small space. The audi­ence wit­nesses a series of hair-raising and crazy scenes that define the char­acter of “Stalled”.

One of the most mem­or­able scenes involves a zombie wed­ding. W.C. wit­nesses a zombie couple, com­plete with wed­ding dresses, come out of a nearby func­tion room and say their vows in the aisle out­side the toilet. The grot­esque comedy of this scene comes from the con­trast between the cheerful mood of a wed­ding and the eerie pres­ence of the zom­bies.

Another remark­able scene is the “zombie baby shower”. A group of zom­bies gathers in front of the toilet to cel­eb­rate the imminent birth of a zombie baby. The absurd situ­ations and the grot­esque depic­tions of the zom­bies cause a mix­ture of fear and laughter among the audi­ence.

While W.C. des­per­ately searches for a way out, there are numerous bloody and action-packed con­front­a­tions between him and the zom­bies. In the pro­cess, the toilet cubicle becomes a set­ting for fights and sur­vival strategies. By using impro­vised weapons such as mops and toilet brushes, W.C. repeatedly man­ages to fend off the undead attackers and save him­self from cer­tain death.

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