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Spare Parts

During their inaugural American tour, Ms. 45, an all-girl punk band, falls victim to a sinister plot as they are drugged and abducted. Regaining consciousness, they are confronted with a horrifying reality— their limbs have been mercilessly amputated and substituted with makeshift weaponry. In a cruel twist of fate, they are coerced into becoming gladiators, pitted against their will to entertain a sadistic town.

Spare Parts

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91 minutes

About 'Spare Parts'

“Spare Parts” (2020), dir­ected by Andrew Thomas Hunt, is a thrilling action film that delves into the world of under­ground fighting and cyborg tech­no­logy. The story fol­lows a group of resourceful indi­viduals who come up with an auda­cious plan to save their friend and get revenge on the sad­istic crim­inals who wronged them.

The film takes place in a dysto­pian future where the divide between the rich and the poor has widened, and the wealthy elite indulge in brutal enter­tain­ment. The prot­ag­onist, Jaxon, played by Julian Rich­ings, is a former fighting cham­pion who is kid­napped and for­cibly turned into a cyborg gla­di­ator by a powerful crime lord named Dominic Blake, por­trayed by Julian Rich­ings.

Des­perate to save their friend, Jax­on’s loyal com­pan­ions – Oswald (George Tchortov), Neu­mann (Ryan Allen), and Levi (John Ral­ston) – con­coct a daring plan. They gather a team of mis­fits, each with their unique skills, and equip them­selves with make­shift weapons. Their goal is to infilt­rate the crim­in­al’s fort­ress and par­ti­cipate in a deadly tour­na­ment to win back Jax­on’s freedom.

One of the standout aspects of “Spare Parts” is its ima­gin­ative and often out­landish ideas. The film blends ele­ments of sci­ence fic­tion, cyber­punk, and gritty action, res­ulting in a wild and unpre­dict­able nar­rative. Here are a few examples of the film’s eccentric ideas:

  1. Cyborg Gla­di­ators: The concept of for­cibly turning indi­viduals into cyborg gla­di­ators for enter­tain­ment pur­poses adds a unique twist to the story. It explores the moral implic­a­tions of mer­ging man and machine and the con­sequences of playing god with tech­no­logy.
  2. DIY Weapons: The prot­ag­on­ists’ resource­ful­ness is show­cased through their cre­ation of impro­vised weapons. From elec­tri­fied fists to pneu­matic-powered ham­mers, their inven­tions add an ele­ment of ingenuity and sur­prise to the fight sequences.
  3. The Tour­na­ment: The film fea­tures a high-stakes tour­na­ment where the fighters battle it out for their lives. The tour­na­ment is a brutal spec­tacle that cap­tiv­ates the rich and powerful, serving as a com­mentary on soci­ety’s obses­sion with viol­ence and the exploit­a­tion of the dis­ad­vant­aged.
  4. Motley Crew of Mis­fits: The team assembled to rescue Jaxon con­sists of diverse and uncon­ven­tional char­ac­ters, each with their unique quirks and tal­ents. This motley crew adds humor and camaraderie to the film, as they nav­igate their way through dan­gerous chal­lenges.

“Spare Parts” delivers a fast-paced and action-packed story, with thrilling fight sequences and a thought-pro­voking explor­a­tion of themes such as soci­etal inequality, the limits of tech­no­logy, and the strength of friend­ship. While the film’s ideas may be at times over-the-top, they con­tribute to its overall enter­tain­ment value, making it an enga­ging watch for fans of the genre.

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