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In the midst of a trendy clothing store, chaos ensues as a pair of possessed jeans embarks on a murderous spree, claiming the lives of the staff. Now, the responsibility falls upon Libby, a passionate and optimistic salesclerk, to halt the horrifying rampage and restore peace.


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77 minutes

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“Slaxx” is a black-humoured horror comedy from 2020, dir­ected by Elza Kephart. The film tells the story of a mur­derous pair of jeans that wreaks havoc in a fashion shop. In a mix­ture of absurd ideas and satir­ical com­mentary, “Slaxx” takes a crit­ical look at the exploit­a­tion of the tex­tile industry and con­sumerism.

The plot revolves around the young sales­woman Libby, who works at the hip fashion brand “CCC”. The com­pany has just launched its latest col­lec­tion and is pre­paring for a big sales day. But it soon turns out that the newly arrived trousers have a dark, mur­derous power. The jeans “Slaxx” develops a life of its own and begins to attack the shop’s employees one by one.

“Slaxx” is char­ac­ter­ised by its absurdly funny ideas that fas­cinate and amuse the viewer in equal measure. The idea of a pair of mur­dering jeans may sound crazy at first, but the film man­ages to realise this absurd premise in an enter­taining and con­vin­cing way. The jeans act with an almost super­human speed and flex­ib­ility, which leads to some unex­pected and hil­arious scenes.

In addi­tion, the film uses its grot­esque plot to convey socially crit­ical mes­sages. “Slaxx” addresses the working con­di­tions in the tex­tile industry and the exploit­a­tion of workers. The brand “CCC” is por­trayed as a parody of large fashion cor­por­a­tions that put profit above the safety and dig­nity of their employees. The mur­dering jeans thus become a meta­phor for the dark sides of the global fashion industry.

In addi­tion to cri­ti­cising the tex­tile industry, “Slaxx” also takes aim at con­sumerism and the super­fi­ci­ality of society. The cus­tomers in the film are por­trayed as easily manip­u­lated and com­pletely obsessed with trends and brands. This leads to some bizarre scenes in which the cus­tomers of “CCC” lit­er­ally wor­ship the jeans before they are attacked by them.

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