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Sky Sharks

Buried within the icy depths of Antarctica, a group of geologists stumbles upon a remarkably preserved laboratory from the Nazi era, housing the remnants of sinister experiments. Within this clandestine facility, the Nazis had conducted unscrupulous research, delving into the realm of genetic manipulation. Their ultimate ambition? Global domination, achieved through the creation of airborne sharks with enhanced abilities.

Sky Sharks

Details of 'Sky Sharks'

102 minutes
2.35 : 1

About 'Sky Sharks'

“Sky Sharks” is a 2020 German trash film dir­ected by Marc Fehse. The film com­bines ele­ments of horror, sci­ence fic­tion and action to tell an absurd and exag­ger­ated story.

The plot of “Sky Sharks” revolves around genet­ic­ally mod­i­fied flying sharks cre­ated by the Nazis during World War II. After dec­ades of being locked in a frozen state in the ice, the sharks are revived by a mad sci­entist and his group of researchers. This group is made up of a mix­ture of eccentric char­ac­ters who all have their own mad ideas and plans.

One of the high­lights of the film is undoubtedly the intro­duc­tion of the Sky Sharks them­selves. These winged sharks attack from the air and ter­rorise everything and everyone in their path. It is a wild and totally unreal­istic idea that is com­pletely accepted in the film. The Sky Sharks are armed with weapons and are used by the Nazis as a deadly weapon of war to achieve world dom­in­a­tion.

Other absurd ideas that appear in “Sky Sharks” include Nazi zom­bies that emerge from the ice and fight the main char­ac­ters, and a group of sexy vam­pire women who are allied with the Sky Sharks. The film does not shy away from excessive viol­ence and blood­shed and presents a number of brutal and grot­esque scenes.

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Sky Sharks
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