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She Kills

In a homage to 1970s Grindhouse/exploitation films, Sadie harnesses a hidden power to avenge her husband's murder by the gang "The Touchers."

She Kills

Details of 'She Kills'

United States
91 minutes

About 'She Kills'

“She Kills” is an Amer­ican exploit­a­tion film from 2016 that delib­er­ately focuses on absurd and ludicrous ele­ments in its plot and scenes. The film’s storyline revolves around Sadie, a young woman who wit­nesses the brutal murder of her boy­friend. Driven by revenge and an irre­press­ible thirst for justice, Sadie decides to become a self-pro­claimed avenger and bring those respons­ible for her boy­friend’s death to justice.

As the film pro­gresses, the plot takes a bizarre turn when Sadie is vis­ited by a mys­ter­ious deity called “The Bride of the Dead”. The Dead Bride gives Sadie super­nat­ural powers and trans­forms her into an unstop­pable killing machine. Sadie embarks on a bloody quest for revenge as she battles a variety of eccentric vil­lains and grot­esque creatures.

The film’s madcap ideas and most absurd scenes are numerous. One of the most remark­able scenes shows Sadie encoun­tering a horde of bikers in a bar, led by a brutal gang leader called “The Blonde Beast”. A fierce battle ensues, with Sadie using acro­batics and violent cre­ativity to mow down her oppon­ents. The action is depicted with exag­ger­ated blood­shed and excessive viol­ence, which under­lines the absurd char­acter of the film.

Another high­light of the film is a sur­real chase scene in which Sadie chases through the air on a flying motor­bike while being pur­sued by a horde of zombie clowns. The scene is marked by bizarre effects, insane stunts and an absurd mix­ture of horror and comedy.

“She Kills” relies on a mix­ture of blood, viol­ence, erot­i­cism and over-the-top acting to provide a trashy exploit­a­tion exper­i­ence. The film delib­er­ately uses the styl­istic devices of the B‑movie genre and often crosses the bound­aries of good taste. With its absurd plot and hil­arious scenes, the film aims to shock the audi­ence and make them laugh in equal measure.

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