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A bizarre hurricane strikes Los Angeles, unleashing man-eating shark-filled tornadoes and flooding the city. Surfer Fin, with companions Baz and Nova, embarks on a daring mission to save Fin's estranged wife and daughter from the perilous chaos.


Details of 'Sharknado'

United States
86 minutes
1.78 : 1

About 'Sharknado'

“Sharknado” is a 2013 action-horror film that quickly became a cult phe­nomenon. The film, pro­duced by The Asylum, tells the story of an unusual nat­ural dis­aster in which a series of tor­nadoes drop deadly sharks on the coastal city of Los Angeles.

The film begins with a series of unex­plained tor­nado activity off the coast of Los Angeles. These tor­nadoes, how­ever, have a dis­turbing quality: they not only suck up water and debris, but also hungry sharks. When the tor­nadoes finally reach the main­land, the sharks begin to swim through the streets of Los Angeles, spreading chaos and destruc­tion.

The film’s main char­ac­ters are Fin Shepard, a bar owner and former surfer, played by Ian Ziering, and his ex-wife April, por­trayed by Tara Reid. Together with a motley group of sur­vivors, they try to fight the over­whelming number of sharks thrown at the city by the tor­nadoes. They use not only con­ven­tional weapons, but also extremely absurd and uncon­ven­tional methods to defeat the sharks.

One of the crazy ideas in the film is the use of chain­saws as the main weapon against the sharks. The main char­ac­ters seem to have an inex­haust­ible supply of chain­saws at their dis­posal and use them to fight the sharks in the air, on the ground and even under­water. Another crazy idea is that the main char­ac­ters them­selves chase tor­nadoes to elim­inate the sharks. They form a team equipped in vehicles with spe­cial catching devices to cap­ture the tor­nadoes and kill the sharks trapped inside.

In addi­tion, the film con­tains numerous absurd and exag­ger­ated scenes, such as a shark jumping out of a tor­nado and attacking a heli­copter, or people cut­ting through the belly of a shark with chain­saws to escape. The film’s plot is delib­er­ately exag­ger­ated and doesn’t take itself too ser­i­ously, res­ulting in a mix­ture of horror, comedy and B‑movie flair.

Random movie quote of 'Sharknado'

Baz Hogan: These sharks of yours have no etiquette.
Fin Shepard: Etiquette? I thought you were Australian, not British.
Baz Hogan: Tasmanian, buddy.

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