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Shark Side of the Moon

In the past, several decades ago, the USSR successfully engineered indestructible sharks and sent them on a daring mission to the moon. Now, in the present day, a group of American astronauts are about to face an extraordinary battle that will test their survival skills to the limit.

Shark Side of the Moon

Details of 'Shark Side of the Moon'

United States
88 minutes

About 'Shark Side of the Moon'

“Shark Side of the Moon” is a film that falls into the cat­egory of B‑movies and provides enter­tain­ment with its absurd ideas. The film is about a group of astro­nauts who are on a secret space mis­sion to the moon. But instead of encoun­tering an unknown lunar sur­face, they sud­denly find them­selves con­fronted with an unex­pected threat – hungry sharks in space.

One of the film’s madcap ideas is the notion that sharks have the ability to sur­vive in space. The film­makers delib­er­ately dis­tance them­selves from any sci­entific logic and go for pure enter­tain­ment value. The sharks are equipped with rocket engines and can man­oeuvre in the vacuum of space, which enables them to attack the astro­nauts. This absurd premise provides a mix of sus­pense and unin­ten­tional comedy.

Another crazy con­ceit of the film is the fact that the sharks are endowed with extraordinary abil­ities. Not only can they breathe, but they can also make sounds in space and com­mu­nicate. This idea may seem absurd to some viewers, but in “Shark Side of the Moon” it is accepted as a normal premise to move the plot for­ward.

Another ele­ment of the film that could be described as “insane” is the use of excessive viol­ence and blood­shed. The astro­nauts have to defend them­selves against the attacking sharks with impro­vised weapons, which leads to absurdly cho­reo­graphed fight scenes. How­ever, this depic­tion of viol­ence serves more as a humorous exag­ger­a­tion than a real­istic por­trayal.

Des­pite its abstruse ideas and uncon­ven­tional plot, “Shark Side of the Moon” man­ages to cap­tivate and amuse its audi­ence. The film lives from its ironic approach and its aware­ness of its own absurdity. It is a work that delib­er­ately eschews realism in favour of fantasy and enter­tain­ment. Those looking for an uncon­ven­tional and humorous film exper­i­ence might find it in “Shark Side of the Moon”.

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When sharks are upside down, they cannot move.

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Shark Side of the Moon
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