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Santa Jaws

Immerse yourself in the whimsical world of 'Santa Jaws' (2018), where an innocent wish creates a bloodthirsty Christmas shark!

Santa Jaws

Details of 'Santa Jaws'

United States
88 minutes
1.78 : 1

About 'Santa Jaws'

“Santa Jaws” is a quirky mix of horror and Christmas comedy that was released in 2018. The film tells the story of Cody, a young car­toonist who inad­vert­ently cre­ates a bloodthirsty Christmas shark called “Santa Jaws” after his Christmas comic comes to life with an inno­cent wish.

The story unfolds in the tran­quil sea­side town of Port City, where Cody and his family are spending the festive season. When Cody acci­dent­ally brings his self-drawn comic char­acter “Santa Jaws” to life with an inno­cent wish to be alone, the festive Christmas season quickly spirals out of con­trol. The dan­gerous shark begins to slip out of the pages of the comic and ter­ror­ises the inhab­it­ants of the town. Cody and his friends must now do everything in their power to stop the bloody Christmas creature and save the fest­iv­ities.

What makes “Santa Jaws” spe­cial are the absurd and ludicrous ele­ments that are built into the plot. The makers of the film clearly had fun pushing the bound­aries of the bizarre. One of the most absurd scenes is cer­tainly where the shark is given a magical uni­corn in the shape of a candy cane, which it uses to spear one of the vic­tims.

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Ho-ho-ho, you son of a fish.

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Santa Jaws
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