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California desert's cinematic spectacle: Meet Robert, a deadly sentient tire on a passionate rampage through the 90s, leaving a trail of chaos and captivation in his wake.


Details of 'Rubber'

82 minutes
1.85 : 1

About 'Rubber'

“Rubber” is an uncon­ven­tional film from 2010 cre­ated by dir­ector Quentin Dupieux. It is a black comedy that tells an absurdly funny story. The film gained notoriety for its crazy ideas and unique approach.

The plot of “Rubber” revolves around a serial killer – but not just any ordinary killer, but a mur­dering car tyre named Robert. Yes, you heard right, the prot­ag­onist of the film is a tyre. Robert develops telekin­etic powers and starts killing people in bizarre ways by making their heads explode (This is somehow remin­is­cent of the 80s classic “Scan­ners”). A group of spec­tators who wit­ness the murders become part of the action and observe the events with bin­ocu­lars.

The film “Rubber” is char­ac­ter­ised by its sur­real nar­rative style and breaks with many con­ven­tions of clas­sical nar­rative cinema. One of the most inter­esting ideas of the film is cer­tainly the anthro­po­morphic rep­res­ent­a­tion of a tyre as the main char­acter. This absurd con­cep­tion allows the dir­ector to intro­duce various satir­ical ele­ments and make the audi­ence think about the nature of the film itself. The film delib­er­ately plays with the audi­ence’s expect­a­tions and con­fronts them with seem­ingly point­less events and dia­logue.

Another remark­able idea in “Rubber” is the inclu­sion of a group of viewers as active par­ti­cipants in the plot. These viewers are addressed dir­ectly and take part in absurd dis­cus­sions about the sense and non­sense of film con­ven­tions. This rein­forces the meta-level of the film and cre­ates an ironic reflec­tion on the per­cep­tion of art and enter­tain­ment.

Random movie quote of 'Rubber'

Oh, God, the kid was right. The killer is a tire.

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