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Psycho Goreman

Mimi and Luke, two unsuspecting siblings, unknowingly revive an age-old extraterrestrial ruler. Harnessing the power of a mystical amulet, they compel the formidable creature to comply with their juvenile desires, inadvertently drawing a motley crew of interstellar assassins to their quaint suburban town.

Psycho Goreman

Details of 'Psycho Goreman'

95 minutes
2.39 : 1

About 'Psycho Goreman'

“Psycho Goreman” is a 2020 horror-comedy film written and dir­ected by Steven Kostanski. The film tells the story of Mimi, a young girl who dis­covers an alien tyrant called Psycho Goreman (or PG for short) and gains his con­trol over life and death.

The film is not­able for its absurd and lun­atic ideas that fas­cinate and shock the viewer in equal measure. One of the first crazy ideas is the exist­ence of PG itself. A powerful alien war­rior who has ter­ror­ised the uni­verse is sud­denly dom­in­ated by a little girl. This leads to a series of hil­arious yet dis­turbing scenes in which Mimi exerts her power over PG and forces him to do her bid­ding.

Fur­ther­more, the film includes a variety of unusual char­ac­ters, such as the Horror Gang, a group of inter­galactic bounty hunters who pursue PG. Each char­acter has their own quirky per­son­ality and makes for more absurd situ­ations and dia­logue.

Another strange idea of the film is the way PG kills his enemies. With his super­nat­ural sword and super­human abil­ities, he wreaks bloody carnage. But instead of focusing on brutal viol­ence, there is an ironic twist: PG kills his vic­tims in absurd and some­times grot­esque ways, such as a dance battle or an eating con­test. These absurd ways of death create a con­trast to the dark atmo­sphere of the film and often leave the viewer torn between laughter and fright.

Random movie quote of 'Psycho Goreman'

Alasdair: Well, it was nice meeting you.
Psycho Goreman (PG): It would be nicer if you were dead!
Alasdair: Alright, bye.

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Psycho Goreman
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