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Planet Terror

In the aftermath of the accidental release of an experimental bio-weapon, an epidemic ensues, transforming a multitude of individuals into zombie-like creatures. Now, the responsibility falls upon a diverse group of survivors to halt the rampage of the infected and unveil the perpetrators responsible for unleashing this horror upon humanity.

Planet Terror

Details of 'Planet Terror'

United States
105 minutes
2.39 : 1

About 'Planet Terror'

“Planet Terror” is a 2007 horror action film dir­ected by Robert Rodriguez. The film is set in a small town that is afflicted by a mys­ter­ious and deadly dis­ease that turns people into bloodthirsty zom­bies. Amidst the chaos, a group of sur­vivors, including a go-go dancer named Cherry, try to save their lives and fight the zombie horde.

What really sets this film apart is its zany ideas and absurd charm. Rodriguez takes the audi­ence into a world full of mad­ness and hor­rible creatures. One of the cra­ziest ideas is the prot­ag­onist Cherry who, after losing her leg, receives a machine gun pros­thesis and thus becomes a dan­gerous zombie hunter. This unusual com­bin­a­tion of a sexy go-go dancer and a deadly weapon is only the begin­ning of the film’s wacky ideas.

Another high­light is the weird doctor named Dr. Wil­liam Block, played by a bril­liant and insane actor. Dr Block has a ter­rible plan to con­trol the zombie epi­demic by turning the infected people into his guinea pigs. He manip­u­lates their brains to make them docile and use them for his own pur­poses. This absurd idea adds an extra layer of mad­ness to the film and makes for unpre­dict­able twists.

Another high­light are the spec­tac­ular action sequences, filled with exag­ger­ated dis­plays of viol­ence and bloody spe­cial effects. Rodriguez delib­er­ately crosses the bound­aries of good taste and presents the audi­ence with grot­esque and shocking scenes that make the film a true spec­tacle.

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God, dammit! Ramona, you've been fartin' like a goddamned pack mule.

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Planet Terror
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