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Murder Party

Join Chris at a bizarre, murderous Halloween art party in the darkly humorous indie horror movie, 'Murder Party'.

Murder Party

Details of 'Murder Party'

United States
79 minutes
1.78 : 1

About 'Murder Party'

“Murder Party” is a 2007 inde­pendent horror film written and dir­ected by Jeremy Saul­nier. The plot of the film revolves around a lonely, shy man named Chris who acci­dent­ally finds an invit­a­tion to a sup­posed Hal­loween party in New York City. Without much expect­a­tion, he decides to attend.

The story takes a sur­prising turn when Chris arrives at the venue and dis­covers that it is not an ordinary Hal­loween party. Instead, it is an extremely bizarre and mur­derous “art” event where a group of eccentric artists have decided to kill a human being in order to realise their cre­ative vision.

The film’s most absurd scenes fea­ture the bizarre char­ac­ters and their strange ideas about art. The artists have absurd cos­tumes and grot­esque ideas about how they will murder Chris to create their “mas­ter­piece”. This leads to a series of ludicrous situ­ations in which Chris des­per­ately tries to escape the artists and save his life.

One par­tic­u­larly mem­or­able scene in Murder Party revolves around the elec­tric chainsaw used as a murder tool by one of the artists. The scene is a high­light of the film and sums up the absurdity of the situ­ation. In the pro­cess, the short cable of the chainsaw ensures that the mur­derer has to keep looking for an outlet, which spices up the scene with an addi­tional dose of absurd humour.

“Murder Party” is char­ac­ter­ised by black humour and a satir­ical por­trayal of the art scene. The absurd ele­ments of the film, such as the bizarre death traps and the absurd dia­logue of the char­ac­ters, make for an uncon­ven­tional and enter­taining exper­i­ence. The film clev­erly plays with the audi­ence’s expect­a­tions and ques­tions how far people would go to fulfil their artistic ambi­tions.

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Murder Party
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