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Monster Trucks

In a quaint countryside junkyard, a youthful man stumbles upon an extraordinary revelation — an otherworldly creature that forms an unexpected bond with him. This peculiar being has a peculiar appetite for the very essence that a rapacious fracking corporation covets: oil.

Monster Trucks

Details of 'Monster Trucks'

United States
104 minutes
2.35 : 1

About 'Monster Trucks'

“Mon­ster Trucks” is a 2016 action-adven­ture film about the extraordinary friend­ship between a young man and a talking mon­ster truck. The film, dir­ected by Chris Wedge, com­bines comedy, action and sci­ence fic­tion ele­ments into an enter­taining story.

The plot revolves around Tripp, a high school stu­dent who dreams of escaping his small town. While working at the local oil drilling sta­tion, he one day dis­covers a strange and friendly creature that has taken refuge in the remains of a well. The creature is a sort of cross between an octopus and a mon­ster truck and has the ability to trans­form into a vehicle.

One of the crazy ideas of the film is that the creature forms a sym­bi­otic rela­tion­ship with Tripp and becomes the engine of his old, run-down truck. Together they form an unusual duo and have a series of adven­tures as they try to pro­tect the creature from an evil oil com­pany that wants to cap­ture it.

Another adven­turous idea in the film is the fact that the creature is not only a talking mon­ster truck, but also has the ability to climb and even swim. These unusual abil­ities allow Tripp and his new friend to get involved in breath­taking chases and action-packed scenes.

In addi­tion, the film also con­tains a romantic sub­plot in which Tripp falls in love with Meredith, an envir­on­mental act­ivist. Together they fight for the pre­ser­va­tion of nature and oppose the oil com­pany that is holding the creature cap­tive.

“Mon­ster Trucks” is cer­tainly a film that stands out for its insane ideas and com­bin­a­tion of dif­ferent genres. Although the plot is unreal­istic and has some logical breaks, the film still man­ages to provide some enter­tain­ment. The spec­tac­ular action scenes and the charm of the main char­ac­ters help to keep you enter­tained, even if you have to accept the absurd ele­ments.

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Monster Trucks
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