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Monster Brawl

In a thrilling spectacle, eight iconic monsters engage in a battle for supremacy within the eerie confines of an abandoned graveyard plagued by an ancient curse. Prepare for a cataclysmic wrestling tournament that will leave you on the edge of your seat!

Monster Brawl

Details of 'Monster Brawl'

89 minutes
2.35 : 1

About 'Monster Brawl'

“Mon­ster Brawl” is an unusual horror-comedy from 2011 that focuses on a sur­real event in which various mon­sters com­pete against each other in an epic battle. The film does not take itself too ser­i­ously and presents a quirky scen­ario that will appeal to fans of B‑movies and whim­sical ideas.

The plot of the film revolves around a mon­ster-brawl event in which various legendary mon­sters from the horror world com­pete against each other. The audi­ence is gathered in a remote wooded area to watch this bloody com­pet­i­tion. A motley assort­ment of creatures will clash in a tour­na­ment style to determine the ulti­mate cham­pion.

What sets “Mon­ster Brawl” apart from other films are the absurd ideas it presents. Here are some of the insane con­cepts that appear in the film:

  1. Mon­ster Wrest­ling: Instead of tra­di­tional fights or gla­di­at­orial games, the mon­sters in this film are pro­fes­sional wrest­lers. They wear their sig­na­ture out­fits and per­form acro­batic moves on the ring.
  2. The mon­sters: “Mon­ster Brawl” presents a col­ourful selec­tion of legendary mon­sters such as Franken­stein, were­wolves, vam­pires, zom­bies and mum­mies. Each mon­ster has its own unique abil­ities and per­son­al­ities.
  3. Com­ment­ators: The battle is com­mented by a duo con­sisting of a mad sci­entist and a former wrest­ling star. The two provide a whim­sical and often exag­ger­ated com­mentary that emphas­ises the absurdity of the situ­ation.
  4. Grave­stone sym­bolism: To enhance the sur­real char­acter of the film, the battles are fought in grave­yards. The mon­sters stand on graves and the sur­round­ings are littered with tomb­stones, which gives the whole thing a morbid atmo­sphere.
  5. Parody of wrest­ling events: “Mon­ster Brawl” par­odies not only mon­ster films but also wrest­ling events. The dia­logue and sta­ging are strongly remin­is­cent of the spec­tac­ular shows of wrest­ling, including the exag­ger­ated char­ac­ters and dra­matic sta­ging.

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Monster Brawl
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