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Meet the Feebles

Heidi, the shining star of 'Meet The Feebles Variety Hour,' uncovers her lover's betrayal, while the show's eclectic cast battles addiction, crime, disease, and even murder. Amidst the chaos, a beautiful romance faces danger as a cunning rat seeks to exploit a young starlet for his own sinister plans.

Meet the Feebles

Details of 'Meet the Feebles'

New Zealand
97 minutes
1.33 : 1

About 'Meet the Feebles'

“Meet the Feebles” is a whim­sical 1989 New Zea­land film set in the enter­tain­ment industry. Dir­ector Peter Jackson, known for his fantasy epics like “The Lord of the Rings”, delivers a com­pletely dif­ferent kind of film here. The film com­bines puppet anim­a­tion with live action and presents an absurd story full of weird char­ac­ters and crazy ideas.

The plot revolves around the Feebles, a col­ourful troupe of pup­pets who per­form in a variety show. But behind the scenes it is quickly revealed that the Feebles are any­thing but your typ­ical lov­able char­ac­ters. Instead, we are con­fronted with a series of neur­otic, dys­func­tional and mor­ally rep­re­hens­ible char­ac­ters.

One of the film’s madcap ideas is the char­acter Bletch, a sleazy busi­nessman and the show’s leading man, who is double-crossed and involved in illegal schemes. Then we have Robert, an ageing por­cu­pine actor who suf­fers from an STD and reg­u­larly uses drugs. Heidi, the female hippo, is des­per­ately trying to fur­ther her career as a singer by using her sexual charms. And finally Trevor the rat, who runs around with a gun and plans a bloody ram­page.

These mad ideas run throughout the film and provide a mix­ture of black humour, shock ele­ments and grot­esque scen­arios. There are scenes of pup­pets having sex, taking drugs, fighting and doing heinous things. It seems as if Jackson is delib­er­ately pushing the bound­aries of good taste to create a debunking satire on the enter­tain­ment industry and the dark side of fame.

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I've heard better singing from a mongoose with throat cancer.

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Meet the Feebles
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