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Meatball Machine Kodoku

Originating from an unknown source, Necro-borgs possess humans, transforming them into monstrous beings. These creatures engage in deadly battles, their purpose and ultimate fate a mystery. Yuji and Kaoru, harboring dark secrets, find themselves entangled in the harrowing Necro-borg conflict. Their destinies remain uncertain.

Meatball Machine Kodoku

Details of 'Meatball Machine Kodoku'

100 minutes
1.78 : 1

About 'Meatball Machine Kodoku'

“Meat­ball Machine Kodoku” is a 2017 Japanese sci­ence fic­tion horror film dir­ected by Yoshi­hiro Nishimura. The film tells the story of a lonely machine worker named Yoji who finds him­self in a dysto­pian future where para­sitic aliens have infilt­rated humanity.

The film is char­ac­ter­ised by its absurd and crazy ideas, which are a mix­ture of body horror, splatter effects and black comedy. One of the crazy ideas is the exist­ence of saus­ages that turn people into violent mon­sters. These saus­ages, known as “necro-borgs”, infilt­rate people’s bodies and take con­trol of them, cre­ating hideous mutants.

Another crazy idea of the film is the intro­duc­tion of a kind of sad­istic game where humans fight Necro-Borgs to save their own bodies. This bloody battle becomes a spec­tacle for the audi­ence, who enjoy the whole thing with a cer­tain per­ver­sion. Grot­esque and exag­ger­ated weapons are used, such as a bladed base­ball club.

The film also fea­tures a bizarre and sick love story between Yoji and a young woman named Sachiko, both of whom have been infected by the Necro-Borgs. Although they find them­selves in a hope­less situ­ation, a strange bond develops between them. How­ever, this rela­tion­ship is over­shad­owed by the brutal and violent world they live in.

“Meat­ball Machine Kodoku” is a film that is def­in­itely not for everyone. It is full of dis­turbing and vile scenes that go beyond the bound­aries of good taste. Dir­ector Yoshi­hiro Nishimura is known for his visual effects and his pen­chant for gory and shocking per­form­ances. The film is a cel­eb­ra­tion of over-the-top horror and is aimed at an audi­ence that enjoys such extreme cinema.

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