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In a dystopian future where the wicked Count Draculon and his horde of demons have triumphed over Earth, a courageous soldier, who had fallen in the initial battle against the forces of Hell, finds himself reborn as MANBORG! With a blend of human and mechanical prowess, our hero joins forces with a resilient band of rebels in their quest to vanquish Draculon and reclaim the planet from his clutches!


Details of 'Manborg'

70 minutes

About 'Manborg'

“Man­borg” is a 2011 Cana­dian sci­ence fic­tion film that pays homage to the B‑movies of the 1980s. The film was written and dir­ected by Steven Kostanski and is char­ac­ter­ised by its absurd plot and crazy ideas.

The story of “Man­borg” takes place in a post-apo­ca­lyptic world where the vil­lain Dr. Scorpius has conquered the earth and enslaves humanity. The prot­ag­onist, a name­less sol­dier, is killed in a brutal battle, but his remains are found by sci­ent­ists and resur­rected into a cyborg-like being called Man­borg. Along with a group of mis­fits, including a mys­ter­ious fighter named Mina and a vam­pire ninja named Count Dra­culon, Man­borg battles Dr. Scorpius’ army to save the world.

The film is not­able for its low-budget style and delib­er­ately cheap spe­cial effects, remin­is­cent of the era of VHS tapes and video games. One of the film’s madcap ideas is the depic­tion of hell as a kind of dysto­pian game in which people are tor­tured to death and an over­sized gla­di­at­orial arena is used for bloody fights. This sur­real depic­tion gives the film a unique atmo­sphere and under­lines its trashy charm.

Another example of the film’s absurdist humour is the char­acter of Count Dra­culon, who is a cross between a vam­pire and a ninja. His appear­ance makes for bizarre and com­ical moments as he tries to com­bine his vam­pire powers with his fighting skills. This unusual com­bin­a­tion makes him a mem­or­able and funny char­acter.

Random movie quote of 'Manborg'

The Baron: You're good, #1 Man, but now you're obsolete!
#1 Man: The power of the human spirit will never be obsolete!

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