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A extraterrestrial killer llama crash-lands on Earth, leaving a trail of death and devastation in its wake.


Details of 'Llamageddon'

69 minutes
1.78 : 1

About 'Llamageddon'

“Llamageddon” is a 2015 sci­ence fic­tion film that takes place in a world where alien llamas attack Earth. The storyline revolves around the chaotic events that unfold when the peaceful llamas sud­denly start attacking humanity and spreading chaos.

The story focuses on a group of humans who band together to fight the alien invaders. The main char­ac­ters are a shy sci­entist who has an unusual affinity for llamas, an adven­turous animal lover and an eccentric con­spiracy the­orist. Together they try to dis­cover the motives of the alien llamas and find a way to save humanity from the threat called “Llamageddon”.

The film is char­ac­ter­ised by its absurd and humorous style. Some of the wack­iest ideas and most absurd scenes include llamas shooting laser beams from their eyes to make cars and build­ings burst into flames. There is also a scene where the char­ac­ters are involved in a wild chase race with flying llamas. The com­bin­a­tion of sur­real ele­ments and the whim­sical premise gives the film a unique atmo­sphere that altern­ates between sci­ence fic­tion and comedy.

While the plot aims to save the world, the film uses its wacky premise to address issues such as envir­on­ment­alism and inter­per­sonal rela­tion­ships in a humorous way. The char­ac­ters develop throughout the film as they deal with the unex­pected chal­lenges brought by the alien llamas.

Overall, “Llamageddon” offers an enter­taining mix of sci­ence fic­tion, comedy and absurd ele­ments. The film plays with con­ven­tions and cre­ates a unique world that makes you laugh as well as think.

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