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Kung Fury

In a string of unfortunate events, Kung Fury's friend is murdered by Adolf Hitler, the deadliest kung fu master criminal known as Kung Führer. Determined to stop Hitler and dismantle the Nazi regime, Kung Fury travels back in time to Nazi Germany.

Kung Fury

Details of 'Kung Fury'

31 minutes
1.85 : 1

About 'Kung Fury'

“Kung Fury” is a flashy, humorous and action-packed short film from 2015 that was con­ceived as a tribute to the 80s and the pop­ular cul­ture of the time. Written, dir­ected and pro­duced by David Sand­berg, the film plays with a variety of zany ideas while not taking itself too ser­i­ously.

The story revolves around the tit­ular kung fu cop named Kung Fury, who lives in an alternate timeline in 1980s Miami. After his partner is killed by a crim­inal master of Kung Fu, Adolf Hitler, Kung Fury vows revenge and takes on all kinds of crazy bad guys. To defeat Hitler, he even travels through time and meets Vik­ings, dino­saurs, laser rap­tors and even the Norse god Thor.

The film is full of over-the-top action, garish neon col­ours and a wild mix of retro ref­er­ences. One of the most striking scenes in the film is the time travel where Kung Fury travels to the “Viking Age” and faces a Viking army. Another iconic scene is the encounter with the hacker called “Hack­erman” who endows Kung Fury with super­nat­ural com­puter abil­ities and enables him to become even more powerful.

Another high­light of the film is the ulti­mate con­front­a­tion with Hitler, who rides a T‑Rex and wields laser katanas. This absurd yet riv­eting sequence is one of the most eccentric in the entire film and per­fectly illus­trates the crazy ideas that char­ac­terise “Kung Fury”.

“Kung Fury” is a roller­coaster ride full of nos­talgia and wacky ideas. With its eccentric charm and retro flair, the film has become a cult classic that takes the audi­ence on a humorous and action-packed journey back to the 80s. It is a declar­a­tion of love to the exag­ger­ated and absurd that was so present in that era. If you like absurdly funny action films and enjoy taking your­self back to the pop cul­ture of the 80s, you will def­in­itely get your money’s worth with “Kung Fury”.

Random movie quote of 'Kung Fury'

[Kung Fury grabs a Nazi soldier by the arm]
Kung Fury: I'm disarming you.
[He rips the arm off]

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Kung Fury
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