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Killer Sofa

In "Killer Sofa," an enchanted reclining chair becomes infatuated with a girl and embarks on a murderous spree driven by twisted acts of passion.

Killer Sofa

Details of 'Killer Sofa'

New Zealand
81 minutes
2.35 : 1

About 'Killer Sofa'

“Killer Sofa” is a 2019 horror film about a bizarre piece of fur­niture that comes to life and har­bours mur­derous inten­tions. The film takes an absurd and uncon­ven­tional premise and com­bines it with a mix of horror, comedy and even a dash of romance.

The plot revolves around Francesca, a young woman who pur­chases an antique and charming sofa. But she soon dis­covers that this seem­ingly harm­less piece of fur­niture har­bours a dark secret. The sofa comes to life and develops a con­scious­ness of its own, as well as an insa­ti­able thirst for blood. It begins to attack and murder people around it.

What makes the film spe­cial are its absurd ideas and the will­ing­ness to incor­porate these ideas into the plot. For example, there is a scene where the Sofa visits a yoga class and takes out the par­ti­cipant with a deadly yoga move. Another ludicrous scene shows the Sofa showing up at a bar and trying to punish a cheating hus­band. The film takes these absurd situ­ations with a cer­tain light­ness and self-irony, cre­ating an atmo­sphere of enter­tain­ment and non­sense.

Although the film is cer­tainly not to every­one’s taste, it offers a cer­tain kind of enjoy­ment to those who can engage with its whim­sical ideas. It is not out to tell a ser­ious story, but rather to provide an absurdly comic exper­i­ence. Clichés of the horror genre are delib­er­ately taken up and par­odied, which leads to some amusing moments.

Apart from the film’s crazy ideas, “Killer Sofa” is tech­nic­ally solidly real­ised. The effects are pass­able and the acting per­form­ances, though not out­standing, fit the style of the film well. The dir­ec­tion is con­sistent in its approach to the material and gives the film a cer­tain con­sist­ency, des­pite the abstruse plot.

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Killer Sofa
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