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Killer Rack

A woman's breast enhancement surgery becomes entangled in a surgeon's wicked plot for world domination, resulting in a hilarious mix of insecurity, cosmic horror, and surprising twists.

Killer Rack

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United States
90 minutes

About 'Killer Rack'

“Killer Rack” is a quirky horror film released in 2015 that offers an inter­esting mix of comedy and horror. The story revolves around a young woman named Betty who under­goes breast aug­ment­a­tion due to her insec­ur­ities. How­ever, she soon dis­covers that her new breasts are devel­oping a dark life of their own and attacking people.

The film is char­ac­ter­ised by its absurd and crazy ideas, which are meant to amuse and shock the audi­ence in equal measure. One of the central con­cepts is the idea that breast implants can become malig­nant and turn on their wearer. This absurdly creepy approach is real­ised with much irony and humour.

How­ever, the film’s crazy ideas do not end here. Besides the living breast implants, there are other bizarre ele­ments that drive the story for­ward. For example, a mys­ter­ious clinic is revealed where the breast aug­ment­a­tions are per­formed and which har­bours a dark secret. The doc­tors and staff at the clinic are part of a bizarre con­spiracy that aims to take over the world. In addi­tion, there is a group of women who have formed an under­ground move­ment against the tyranny of breast implants.

In the course of the film, absurd and bloody scenes occur in which the breasts attack their owner and injure or even kill other people. There is no sparing of exag­ger­ated depic­tions of viol­ence and splatter effects, which places the film in the realm of black humour.

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Killer Rack
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