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Killer Piñata

A vengeful, possessed piñata picks off a group of friends one by one, seeking revenge for the brutality humanity has inflicted on its kind.

Killer Piñata

Details of 'Killer Piñata'

United States
87 minutes
1.85 : 1

About 'Killer Piñata'

“Killer Piñata” is a horror comedy film that tells the story of a mur­dering piñata. The plot revolves around a group of friends who buy a piñata for a birthday party. But they have no idea that this piñata is afflicted by a mys­ter­ious voodoo spell and comes to life.

The story takes an absurd turn when the piñata begins to develop a per­son­ality of its own and wreaks bloody havoc at the party. The friends are forced to fight for their lives as the mur­dering piñata hunts them down.

The film is char­ac­ter­ised by its crazy ideas and absurd scenes, which offer a mix­ture of comedy and horror. One of the most remark­able scenes is when the piñata is armed with a lighter and attacks the friends with burning con­fetti. Another crazy scene shows the piñata turning into a clown and chasing its vic­tims with a giant rubber mallet. There is also a scene where the piñata turns into a bloodthirsty parrot and attacks its vic­tims with pointed beaks.

The film plays with audi­ence expect­a­tions and uses the absurd premise of the mur­dering piñata to create both sus­pense and laughs. There are many gory and shocking moments, but they are presented with a dose of humour and over-the-top expos­i­tion to give the audi­ence an enter­taining exper­i­ence.

Des­pite its mad ideas and absurd scenes, the film man­ages to convey a cer­tain kind­ness. The friend­ship of the main char­ac­ters and their fight against the mur­dering piñata are at the centre of the story and give the film a cer­tain emo­tional depth.

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Killer Piñata
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