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John Dies at the End

Two college drop-outs must rescue humanity from a silent, otherworldly invasion caused by a new street drug that transports users through time and dimensions. However, those who return may no longer be human.

John Dies at the End

Details of 'John Dies at the End'

United States
99 minutes
1.78 : 1

About 'John Dies at the End'

“John Dies at the End” is an uncon­ven­tional horror film from 2012 based on the novel of the same name by David Wong. The film, dir­ected by Don Coscarelli, is char­ac­ter­ised by its sur­real and absurd style.

The plot revolves around two friends, Dave and John, who come into con­tact with a mys­ter­ious drug called “Soy Sauce”. This sub­stance gives them super­nat­ural abil­ities, but also allows them to travel to another dimen­sion where they are con­fronted with unima­gin­able creatures and threats.

One of the cra­ziest ideas in the film is the exist­ence of a par­allel world where time has no linear sequence and where beings from the future try to con­trol humanity. Dave and John, with their new powers and whim­sical world­view, must con­front these threats and save the world from destruc­tion.

The film is known for its sur­real and some­times dis­turbing scenes. An iconic scene is the “cock­roach scene”, in which Dave and John are con­fronted with gigantic cock­roaches that can take human form. This scene com­bines horror and absurd humour in an unmis­tak­able way.

Another striking scene is the “dog scene”, in which Dave is attacked by a super­nat­ural dog that can manip­u­late time. This causes Dave to relive the attack over and over again in an end­less loop, cre­ating an oppressive and dis­turbing atmo­sphere.

“John Dies at the End” is a film that delib­er­ately pushes the bound­aries of con­ven­tional storytelling and logic. It offers a fire­work of bizarre ideas and unex­pected twists that sur­prise the viewer again and again. The film skil­fully plays with dif­ferent genres, from horror to sci­ence fic­tion to comedy, cre­ating a unique and bizarre atmo­sphere.

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Uh, Shelly. John and I are having a bit of a problem here. We're both seeing completely different versions of you. Now, John here has eyesight problems 'cause of his constant masturbation, but I- I don't think...

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