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Iron Sky

During the final stages of World War II, a covert Nazi space program escaped destruction and sought refuge on the Dark Side of the Moon. Over the span of 70 years, they clandestinely built an immense space fortress housing a formidable fleet of flying saucers.

Iron Sky

Details of 'Iron Sky'

93 minutes
2.35 : 1

About 'Iron Sky'

“Iron Sky” is a 2012 sci­ence fic­tion film that tells a wacky story about Nazis on the moon. Con­ceived as a mix­ture of comedy, action and satire, the film presents a variety of zany ideas that have made it a cult classic.

The plot revolves around a group of Nazis who escaped to the dark side of the moon during World War II and set up a secret base there. Dec­ades later, in 2018, they return to Earth to launch another attack on humanity. The Nazis plan to use their superior tech­no­logy to seize world dom­in­a­tion.

One of the film’s most striking scenes is undoubtedly the reveal of the Nazis’ huge, hidden moon base. The detailed and impressive set shows a futur­istic city, com­plete with weapons and space­ships. This scene gives viewers their first glimpse of the absurdity and visual style of the film.

Another iconic scene is the trans­form­a­tion of a Nazi officer into a kind of “super­woman”. A spe­cial machine gives her super­human powers and turns her into a dan­gerous war­rior. This scene pays homage to classic comic books and cre­ates a mix­ture of fas­cin­a­tion and amuse­ment.

The film also uses a number of humorous ele­ments to under­line the absurdity of the plot. For example, the US pres­ident and her team are por­trayed as car­toonish char­ac­ters whose decisions and beha­viour provide laughs.

“Iron Sky” is known for its cre­ative and exag­ger­ated ideas. From flying sau­cers to huge space battles to an altern­ative world dom­in­a­tion by the Nazis, the film offers a range of absurd situ­ations that fas­cinate and make the audi­ence laugh in equal measure.

Overall, “Iron Sky” is a unique sci­ence fic­tion film that sticks in the mind due to its insane ideas and iconic scenes. Although the film does not claim to be real­istic or ser­ious, it offers an enter­taining and ori­ginal exper­i­ence for fans of the genre.

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At 5.45 we'll start firing back. Every bomb will be retaliated. The Meteorblitzkrieg shall begin!

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