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Iron Sky: The Coming Race

29 years post-Iron Sky, Nazi Moonbase shelters humanity as Earth is ravaged by nuclear war. In the ruins, a hidden power could be mankind's savior or ultimate downfall. Heroes embark on a Hollow Earth journey led by an old foe, battling the Vril, shape-shifting reptiles, and their dinosaur army to rescue humanity.

Iron Sky: The Coming Race

Details of 'Iron Sky: The Coming Race'

93 minutes

About 'Iron Sky: The Coming Race'

“Iron Sky: The Coming Race” is a 2019 sci­ence fic­tion film and the sequel to 2012’s “Iron Sky”. The film presents an absurd and over­drawn story full of crazy ideas.

The plot revolves around a post-apo­ca­lyptic world where humanity has sought refuge on the former Nazi base on the dark side of the moon after the destruc­tion of Earth in 2018. There they dis­cover a secret Nazi colony that has existed since the end of World War II and is working on a new weapon to take con­trol of the Earth.

One of the most striking and iconic scenes in the film is the appear­ance of Adolf Hitler riding a T‑Rex. Hitler is depicted as a bio­mech­an­ical being who has trans­planted his head onto a mech­an­ical body. This absurd depic­tion of Hitler on a dino­saur is cer­tainly one of the film’s most ludicrous ideas.

Another high­light is the journey to the centre of the Hollow Earth, where the main char­ac­ters come across an ancient civil­isa­tion. There they find a massive machine that can extract energy from the Earth’s melt­down. The idea of an advanced civil­isa­tion inside the Earth and a machine that taps into the energy of the Earth’s core shows the extra­vagant and exag­ger­ated nature of the film.

Another iconic scene is the show­down between the Hollow Earth Nazis and the main char­ac­ters, who fight in a giant war robot called Göt­ter­däm­merung. The robot is equipped with a variety of weapons and lasers and provides spec­tac­ular destruc­tion.

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Iron Sky: The Coming Race
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