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After surviving a zombie apocalypse, a young woman and her allies embark on a journey across a dystopian Japan to find her mother, the Zombie Queen.


Details of 'Helldriver'

117 minutes
1.85 : 1

About 'Helldriver'

“Helldriver” is a Japanese horror film from 2010, char­ac­ter­ised by the insane ideas of dir­ector Yoshi­hiro Nishimura. The film presents a post-apo­ca­lyptic world pop­u­lated by zom­bies and an unusual heroine named Kika Amemiya.

The story begins with a comet hit­ting Japan and turning people into bloodthirsty zom­bies. Kika’s mother, Rikka, becomes infected by the comet and the only way to stop her is to cut her into sev­eral pieces. Kika is trained as a zombie hunter and is given a pros­thetic leg armed with machine guns in place of her right leg.

The most striking and iconic scenes in the film involve absurdly exag­ger­ated viol­ence and splatter effects. For example, there is a scene in which Kika kicks zom­bies through the air with her mech­an­ised leg, cut­ting her oppon­ents into bloody pieces. Another mem­or­able scene shows Kika fighting her way through a horde of zom­bies with a chainsaw sword, cre­ating foun­tains of blood.

Another crazy aspect of the film is the intro­duc­tion of “zombie oil”, which is extracted from the zom­bies and used as an altern­ative energy source. The idea that bloodthirsty zom­bies can serve as an energy source adds an extra absurdity to the film.

Des­pite its crazy ideas and the exag­ger­ated level of viol­ence, “Helldriver” also offers a por­tion of humour. The film delib­er­ately plays with the clichés of the zombie genre and does not take itself too ser­i­ously. The dia­logue is often absurd and the char­ac­ters exag­ger­ated, which gives the film a humorous touch.

Overall, “Helldriver” is an eccentric horror film that stands out for its crazy ideas, exag­ger­ated viol­ence and a bizarre story. Fans of the splatter genre will cer­tainly be thrilled by the most striking scenes, such as the bloody fight sequences and the absurdly brutal zombie dis­mem­ber­ment.

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