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Wes, post-breakup, gets trapped in a remote rest stop bathroom with a mysterious figure in the next stall. He quickly realizes the situation is worse than he imagined.


Details of 'Glorious'

United States
79 minutes

About 'Glorious'

“Glor­ious” is a 2022 Amer­ican horror comedy film dir­ected by Rebekah McKendry. The story is about Wes, a broken man who encoun­ters a mys­ter­ious entity called Ghatan­othoa in a restroom at a rest stop. Ghatan­othoa reveals him­self to be a demigod cre­ated by his primeval father-god, who acci­dent­ally cre­ated the uni­verse and humanity. Wes becomes trapped in the toilet as Ghatan­othoa explains his pur­pose to des­troy humanity. How­ever, having developed affec­tion for humans, Ghatan­othoa hides from his father. Ghatan­othoa aspires to ascend to the eth­ereal plane, but can only do so if its phys­ical form is “sat­is­fied” by the Glory Hole in the cabin. Wes is scep­tical at first, but even­tu­ally agrees to help Ghatan­othoa. How­ever, their actions attract the atten­tion of Ghatan­othoa’s father, causing chaos and destruc­tion. In a des­perate attempt to save the uni­verse, Wes sac­ri­fices him­self by offering a piece of his liver through the Glory Hole. Ghatan­othoa tran­scends, thwarting his father’s plans. When Wes dies, he real­ises he was a serial killer who killed his girl­friend Brenda after she dis­covered his box of photos of his vic­tims.

The film explores themes of cosmic horror and offers a mix of black comedy and grue­some imagery. “Glor­ious” premiered at the Fantasia Inter­na­tional Film Fest­ival and was released on Shudder. It stars Ryan Kwanten as Wes and J. K. Sim­mons as the voice of Ghatan­othoa. The film received pos­itive reviews for its thoughtful themes and cre­ative approach to the horror genre.

There are some crazy ideas and absurd scenes in “Glor­ious” that char­ac­terise the film. One of the crazy ideas is cer­tainly the exist­ence of a divine entity called Ghatan­othoa, who hides in a public toilet and asks Wes for help to ascend to another plane. Another absurd scene is the need for Ghatan­othoa to “sat­isfy” his phys­ical form through the glory hole in the toilet. This com­bin­a­tion of cosmic horror and grot­esque comedy gives the film a unique atmo­sphere. It is also remark­able how Wes is ulti­mately willing to sac­ri­fice a piece of his liver through the glory hole to help Ghatan­othoa. These absurd scenes add to the eccent­ri­city of the film and show dir­ector Rebekah McKendry’s uncon­ven­tional approach to the genre.

Random movie quote of 'Glorious'

Ghat: Your genitals are of no significance.
Wes: Well, you don't have to be mean about it!

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