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Gentlemen Broncos

A young adolescent ventures into a gathering of fantasy writers, only to stumble upon the disheartening revelation that his unique concept has been shamelessly appropriated by a well-established author.

Gentlemen Broncos

Details of 'Gentlemen Broncos'

United States
90 minutes

About 'Gentlemen Broncos'

“Gen­tlemen Broncos” is a 2009 absurdist comedy film written and dir­ected by Jared Hess. The film tells the story of shy high school stu­dent Ben­jamin Purvis, who is driven by his whim­sical fantasies and dreams of becoming a suc­cessful writer.

The plot revolves around Ben­jamin’s entry into a sci­ence fic­tion story writing com­pet­i­tion, where he sub­mits his own work entitled “Yeast Lords: The Bronco Years”. But his dreams are shattered when his teacher Che­va­lier steals the story and pub­lishes it as his own. The film fol­lows Ben­jamin on his journey to reclaim his stolen idea and recog­nise his work for what it really is.

What makes the film so spe­cial are the com­pletely absurd ideas presented in “Gen­tlemen Broncos”. From alien creatures with huge breasts to hos­tile tribes of Cyc­lops to a hero named Brutus who fights giant crows, the fantasies Ben­jamin cre­ates in his story are full of bizarre ele­ments.

Another crazy aspect of the film is the por­trayal of the char­ac­ters. Ben­jamin is played by Michael Angarano and per­fectly embodies the inno­cent and naive boy who is inspired by his own fantasies. Sam Rock­well shines in the role of the actor who steals Ben­jamin’s story and por­trays an extremely over-the-top sci­ence fic­tion hero. Jemaine Clement also fea­tures as Ben’s eccentric writing course mentor Dr Ronald Che­va­lier, who provides many laughs with his ego­centric and nar­ciss­istic manner.

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