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Funky Forest: The First Contact

A wild mix of surreal, brief non-sequiturs, mostly centered on Guitar Brother, his lustful older sibling, and their chubby Caucasian brother.

Funky Forest: The First Contact

Details of 'Funky Forest: The First Contact'

150 minutes

About 'Funky Forest: The First Contact'

“Funky Forest: The First Con­tact” is a 2005 Japanese film known for its absurd and sur­real plot. The film con­sists of various bizarre epis­odes and stories that are loosely con­nected and revolve around the inhab­it­ants of a small Japanese town.

The plot of the film is extremely diverse and ranges from grot­esque char­ac­ters to bizarre situ­ations. Some of the film’s most absurd scenes involve a man who encoun­ters a group of aliens in a forest and tries to com­mu­nicate with them by showing them his strange dance moves. Another scene shows a boy living in a room with giant noses and trying to tame them. There is also a sequence in which a group of school­girls com­pete in a strange singing con­test against an alien race.

The film is not­able for its unusual visual aes­thetics, ran­ging from col­ourful cos­tumes to sur­real sets. The char­ac­ters in “Funky Forest” are eccentric and often incred­ibly strange, immersing the viewer in a whim­sical and fas­cin­ating world.

Overall, “Funky Forest: The First Con­tact” is a film that is dif­fi­cult to put into words and defies con­ven­tional nar­rative struc­ture. It fas­cin­ates with its absurd ideas and scenes that take the viewer into a sur­real dream world and offer them a unique film exper­i­ence.

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Funky Forest: The First Contact
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