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Freaks of Nature

In the peaceful town of Dillford, humans, vampires, and zombies coexisted harmoniously until the unforeseen alien apocalypse descended upon them. Amidst the chaos, three unlikely companions, a human, a vampire, and a zombie, must join forces and devise a plan to expel the unwelcome extraterrestrial invaders.

Freaks of Nature

Details of 'Freaks of Nature'

United States
92 minutes
2.39 : 1

About 'Freaks of Nature'

The film “Freaks of Nature” is a horro-comedic sci­ence fic­tion story set in a small town where humans, vam­pires and zom­bies live together peace­fully. Dir­ector Robbie Pick­ering presents a crazy mix of ele­ments of horror film, comedy and teen drama.

The plot of the film revolves around the stu­dents Dag, Ned and Petra who live in the town of Dill­ford. In a world where humans, vam­pires and zom­bies co-exist, a sudden out­break occurs that turns the townspeople into bloodthirsty mon­sters. When the three friends find out that an alien inva­sion is behind it, they must join forces with some unusual allies to save the day and save their hometown from destruc­tion.

The film is full of crazy ideas and sur­prises. One of the crazy ideas is the idea of a world where humans, vam­pires and zom­bies live in a fra­gile coex­ist­ence. The town of Dill­ford is a bizarre uni­verse where high school drama, teenage romance and bloodthirsty creatures col­lide. Another bizarre ele­ment of the film is the fact that the people of Dill­ford have accepted vam­pires and zom­bies as part of their society. This leads to absurd situ­ations and amusing dia­logues between the dif­ferent spe­cies.

Another crazy idea is the alien inva­sion that throws the town into chaos. The aliens plan to des­troy humanity and take over the city for them­selves. The way the aliens are integ­rated into the film is absurd and enter­taining in equal measure. They take the form of humans in order to be able to operate unnoticed among the city’s inhab­it­ants. This adds an extra layer of mys­tery and sus­pense.

“Freaks of Nature” is a mad mix of genres and ideas that has an idio­syn­cratic charm. The film turns the con­ven­tions of horror, comedy and teen dramas on their head and offers the viewer a unique exper­i­ence. The actors deliver solid per­form­ances and the visual effects help sup­port the absurd atmo­sphere.

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Lorelei: Petra. I haven't seen you since you murdered.
Petra Lane: Yeah. Um... Look I'm really sorry about that.
Lorelei: No, don't apologize. I mean, look at my tits. They're like twice the size now.

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