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Flesh Gordon

Emperor Wang, leader of the planet Porno, uses the "Sex Ray" to turn Earth's inhabitants into sexually obsessed beings. Only Flesh Gordon, a football player, can rescue the planet.

Flesh Gordon

Details of 'Flesh Gordon'

United States
78 minutes
1.66 : 1

About 'Flesh Gordon'

“Flesh Gordon” is a parody of sci­ence fic­tion and erotic films of the 1930s and 1940s. The film tells the adven­turous story of the tit­ular hero, Flesh Gordon, who must save the world from the sexual attacks of the vicious alien Emperor Wang and his army.

The film is not­able for its absurd and over-the-top humour. One of the most iconic scenes is the “Orgas­matron” sequence, in which Flesh Gordon and his com­panion Dale Ardor sit in a rocket and can fly with the power of their orgasms. This scene is a clear allu­sion to the sexual lib­er­a­tion move­ment of the 1960s.

Another crazy idea in the film is the “Pleasure Room”, a room full of people exper­i­en­cing ecstasy through various sexual activ­ities. Here, numerous sexual pref­er­ences and fet­ishes are par­odied.

Another striking moment is the encounter with the king of the sex robots, who kid­naps Dale Ardor and tries to seduce her. Flesh Gordon must stand up to an army of robots and rescue Dale.

Another absurd scene is the con­front­a­tion with the “Pen­isaurus”, a huge dino­saur with an enormous sex expres­sion. Flesh Gordon and his com­pan­ions must fight and defeat the creature in order to pro­gress.

The film’s visual effects are delib­er­ately cheap, par­odying the often poor quality of sci­ence fic­tion films of the time. The dia­logue is delib­er­ately crude and vulgar to emphasise the humorous nature of the film.

Overall, “Flesh Gordon” is an absurd and pro­voc­ative film that plays with sexual innu­endo, exag­ger­ated depic­tions and absurd ideas. Although the film was con­tro­ver­sial due to its explicit depic­tions, it developed a cer­tain cult status over time and is con­sidered by some to be one of the cra­ziest and most enter­taining par­odies of the genre.

Random movie quote of 'Flesh Gordon'

Flesh Gordon: Doctor, What are they?
Dr. Flexi Jerkoff: Some sort of penisaurus I believe.

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