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Fist of Jesus

Jacob informs Jesus about the death of his son, Lazarus, prompting Jesus to visit their house and bring Lazarus back to life.

Fist of Jesus

Details of 'Fist of Jesus'

15 minutes
2.35 : 1

About 'Fist of Jesus'

“Fist of Jesus” is a 2012 Spanish short film known as a par­odic mix of horror, comedy and splatter film. Written and dir­ected by David Muñoz and Adrián Car­dona, the film tells the story of Jesus and his faithful com­panion Judas, who encounter a series of absurdly violent adven­tures.

The plot of the film revolves around Jesus healing people and per­forming mir­acles, but his mira­cu­lous power is unwit­tingly used by his fol­lowers to raise Laz­arus from the dead. But unfor­tu­nately some­thing goes wrong and Laz­arus turns into a flesh-eating zombie. Jesus and Judas sud­denly find them­selves in the middle of a zombie apo­ca­lypse and have to fight an army of undead.

“Fist of Jesus” stands out for its com­pletely absurd and exag­ger­ated ideas. One of the most iconic scenes in the film is when Jesus tries to fight the zombie infest­a­tion with fish by throwing them at the undead and turning them into fried chicken. How­ever, this act of trans­form­a­tion leads to fur­ther dis­aster when the sur­rounding people eat the zombie chicken meat and turn into zom­bies them­selves.

Another striking scene is the show­down between Jesus and a horde of zom­bies, where he preaches a sermon to his fol­lowers while at the same time fighting with weapons such as a whip and a cross. This com­bin­a­tion of reli­gious sym­bols and brutal scenes of viol­ence gives the film a strange and dis­turbing atmo­sphere.

“Fist of Jesus” is cer­tainly not a film for all tastes, but it will be appre­ci­ated by fans of B‑movie horror and absurd humour. The film is an ironic and often taste­less homage to the genre of the zombie film and offers an abund­ance of bloody splatter effects and black-humoured moments. Although pro­voc­ative in its plot and present­a­tion, the film can also be seen as a satir­ical exam­in­a­tion of reli­gion and the way reli­gious stories are told.

You can watch the full short movie “Fist of Jesus” for free on the offi­cial Fist of Jesus You­Tube channel.

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Fist of Jesus
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